“So many people already write blogs, some make enough money to live from blog posts alone … why should I take the time to write a blog myself?”

If you have been tempted to write a blog but kept asking yourself the above questions, then this shall be a short answer to your concerns. Writing a blog has four main benefits for you and others and I’m happy to share them with you:

Number 1: Be yourself

Most of us live in societies with strict rules and expectations. Especially in the work place, talking to your boss, clients or creating work for someone else, it’s difficult to be just yourself. When you write a blog, though, nobody except you knows what’s best. What you like is the perfect thing – and that can make you feel very free! You like to write wild fantasy stories? Perfect! You explore the secret life of snails in the forest? Go for it! You are learning digital painting and want to share your process? What are you waiting for! 😉

Number 2: Writing practice

You learn how to write. Sometimes you have to really bring yourself to sit down and actually do it, but it’s a perfect practice with little consequence. Try yourself out and see where you want to improve.

Number 3: Structure and planning

Writing a single blog post takes some time and effort. Keeping a blog teaches you so much more! Who are you talking to, like-minded people? Or, as it is the case for example with science communication, do you want to reach lay people who are interested in your scientific endeavours?
Also, to structure your learning process (as I do) it might be helpful to create a plan so you don’t get lost in the process. I usually carry a notebook with me in which I jot down ideas for new blog posts and ideas to improve this site for accessibility.
In the beginning, I also thought I could post once a week, boy was I wrong! Between work, commissioned work and my private life with all that it entails I noticed that I only had time to post once a month. But that’s okay! Adjusting my plan I have given it a new structure. No reason to worry, just adapt. Overcome. 🙂

Number 4: Your voice in the internet

When you spend time in the internet, you are likely going to leave some traces. Someone tags you on an image, your social media accounts show up when someone types in your name into a search engine and not all of that content is favourable. Wouldn’t it be nice to create something that you actually want people to see? If only there was a way … (Read more about this idea in this fantastic book about science communication in modern times).
With a blog you can write about what you are interested in and might even position yourself as an expert in your field! If you are writing about a quirky topic it might just show your passion and what is more beautiful than hearing about something that someone is passionate about?

Have fun!

The most important thing is to have fun and try yourself out. When are you starting your blog? 🙂