Sometimes when I draw something I simply don’t get it right: The perspective looks all wrong and the characters seem as if they are standing in the air, unrelated to another.

Luckily, I’ve figured out a way for myself to give me a little help. Like a step ladder, so to say, or a tiny third wheel. Here’s my process:

Although I have had no prior experience with 3D, I figured it would be a great start to use 3D for my perspective. Without any more thoughts I just downloaded “blender”, a free 3D program. I’ve wanted to learn blender for quite some time but never got around. This would be the first time to use it!

Here’s my sketch from before: The two sparrows are supposed to look up at the toucan. But somehow they just levitate in front of him. And the garbage can is completely wrong, somehow.

blender to the rescue!

I opened up blender and just by using the pre-installed forms and without any sculpting or changing them, I bashed them together to look somewhat like my drawing. Now, the perfect thing with 3D is that you can orbit around to find the perfect spot and perspective!

The one in the middle was perfect! So I imported it and painted on top. Here’s my process:

As of now I’ve gotten much better with blender. But this example above is to show that even with ZERO knowledge you can use other programs for help. And for free 🙂

Have a lovely day!



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