When I was thinking about a Christmas present for my family I had several boxes to tick:

  • It should be something creative,
  • it should be funny,
  • I wanted to make it myself,
  • it should challenge me,
  • it should still be doable without taking too much time,
  • and it should not break the bank.

So after some research and contacting my local copy shop I figured that I wanted to learn how to make stickers with my family’s faces on them!

How do you make a sticker?

A sticker can be printed on several materials, at my copy shop that’s both foil and paper and I chose the latter. Next up: Design. A sticker is by definition something that sticks and most of the time the image does not cover the whole page. Therefore, I needed a clear border, so much was clear. But which style? As an artist, finding a style can be something that takes a lifetime – and I for myself have not really had the feeling so far of having my own style. Maybe it’s something that develops as we speak!

So I ventured out into the wide world of visuals (*cough* Pinterest *cough*) and looked for simplified portrait drawings in a comic appearance. Combining the features I liked with those I knew how to draw I have created a first set of stickers based on reference images of my family members. The result did not satisfy me. Take a look:

Try again!

These stickers were cute and colourful, but they lacked individuality and overall my style (as much of it as there is) was missing. So I had to get back to the drawing board to develop a second set. This time I was less focused on making them look the same and was drawing more freely. Maybe I was holding myself back the first time. This second time I had no hour to waste as Christmas was coming closer and the copy shop did not have too many days open before the holidays!

So after a sketch on paper, I moved on to Procreate to draw the line work, to choose colours and after the shading I was finally finished. I wanted to make sure that the faces were recognizable and still easy to draw with clear colours and lines. The second set was much more to my liking and I added some stars and moons just for fun:

When stickers are printed on foil, you can send them to your copy shop with a vector path around them so they can pre-cut them. For me, choosing paper, it meant that I had prepare them on a page and then to cut them out individually. I chose a series to watch and happily clipped along. 🙂

And the result was awesome! Packed in individual bags, the stickers made a great present and my family was very happy to receive them!

If you are interested in seeing my creative process take a look here:

Which one do you like best?

Do you have any tips on artsy presents for your loved ones? Or have you created stickers yourself already? Leave me a note in the comments!


[Unpaid ad due to naming brands]

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