[Drawn in Procreate on my iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil and finished off in Adobe Photoshop.]*

Christmas for me is a time to get together with my family, enjoy good food and talk about good memories. Also, since I love giving presents, Christmas for me is a possibility to create presents for my family. For this year I have created something special, and my next blog post will be about that!

As I enjoy giving presents, I was happy to oblige when Lena, who also writes a blog, asked me for a Christmas drawing. I had never drawn in the copperplate style she liked (if that’s exactly the right word), but I was happy to take up the challenge!

I asked Lena what she thought of and she referred back to my inktober drawing of “connect”. Then I sent her four thumbnails to make the drawing clearer in both our minds and she decided on a combination of those.

Connect with yourself in #inktober.


Copperplate dates back many centuries and this particular style can be found in many images over the years. A little bit forgotten now, copperplate refers mostly to the copperplate script, a type of calligraphy (which I will certainly try, too!)

I have first thought about creating this illustration in Adobe Illustrator and I have learnt a lot while figuring out how to draw in Illustrator. But then I noticed that I could not easily reproduce the style I wanted to see in what I knew so far and to use my time effectively, I have then drawn in Procreate on my iPad Pro. I think that time management is a lot about understanding when you can learn something and when something would just take too long while learning.

After creating it on my iPad, I have re-imported the image to my computer and layered it with a texture (as a clipping mask) on a beautiful paper texture I found as a free-to-use file.

But without further ado, here is my drawing and process for Lena’s Blog, which is about the planets and stars and about having a lovely Christmas together.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas, a happy new year when it comes around and a great start into new adventures!



*[Unpaid ad due to naming companies]

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