[Materials: iPad Pro & Apple Pencil; App: Procreate]

Challenge yourself with laziness

Sometimes, when I paint, I try to challenge myself. This is partly due to the fact that I’m naturally curious and partly because I’m really lazy. Lazy, you ask? Yes! Because sometimes I don’t want to think about using different brushes and patterns and blending techniques, so I only use a single brush in different sizes and colours. Sometimes I also try to only use only a handful of colours or even only a single colour in varying opacity with pressure sensitivity turned on.

To guide my ongoing process of understanding both composition and the human form I’ve chosen two photos to draw. In both cases I’ve stayed close to the original and have tried to replicate what I could seen in the image. Naturally, my eye (or any eye for that matter) in combination with my brain is not perfect – and that’s what I love about art!

From big to small


Screenshot 2018-12-08 at 16.15.55

When you take a look at this fantastic image taken by my sister in beautiful Saint-Émilion in France, the first thing you notice next to the tower are all these houses with their tiny shingles in their earthly red colours. Right, let’s get started on the bottom left and… No. That’s at least not how I paint.

My Process

First, I try to lay down some colours in general big brush strokes to get a feel for the atmosphere.

Screenshot 2018-12-08 at 15.52.10.png
Loose brush strokes in the beginning.

From there I gradually come to smaller brushstrokes to define. I love to work in layers, so I can put down some strokes, delete what I don’t need, merge the layers and continue from there.

Screenshot 2018-12-08 at 15.52.32.png
Further painting.


What will you emphasize?

And at some point I decided that I wanted to keep the eye of the viewer on the tower, so I used a common art & design principle: Use details where you want the viewer to look. Since I had already give the whole scene some detail, I decided to go back to the tower, decrease the brightness of the sky to make it further stand out and use the same brush I have used for the whole image to paint the windows and ornaments. Not too detailed, but much more detailed than the shingles in the foreground.

Can you spot the difference?


And lastly, here’s the whole painting process as a video. Enjoy!

So tell me, how do you challenge yourself artistically? If you only could use one brush, which one would it be? I look forward to hearing your challenges in the comments 🙂




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