If you are friends with any artists on Instagram or an artist yourself, you’ve probably heard about Inktober. In case you haven’t or need a refresher on the details, here are the facts:


What is Inktober?

Artist Jake Parker created a challenge lasting a month, specifically October. He creates a list of prompts for each day and challenges artists all over the world to complete the list for each day – hand-inked, analogous, on paper. Here’s the list for 2018:

Inktober 2018 Prompts

For me, it’s the third time to participate in Inktober. And if I recap, I haven’t really done it properly: The first year I participated I had only started my instagram account and picked up drawing/painting again. So I did not follow the prompts or the black-and-white-challenge, I just drew everyday. And to be honest, that was already a challenge!

Screenshot 2018-11-11 at 11.21.04.png
Inktober 2016

For next year, as I progressed with my art, I had decided on a topic: Star Wars! I’m a huge fan, so I thought I might use that to explore a character each day with “real” inking: using a brush and an ink bottle.

Screenshot 2018-11-11 at 11.25.49
Inktober 2017

I did not get very far with that, my paper was not perfect for the ink and I simply did not have the time to pursue my challenge any further. I think I did not even produce 10 images for the whole of October. Stay tuned to see what I’ve learned from that year!


Curtains up for 2018!

This year, I decided to follow Jake Parker’s prompts: Each day a drawing, no matter how small, with ink, yes, but an ink pen was okay too. And here we go:

Screenshot 2018-11-10 at 12.28.13.png
I did it! #inktoberDONE

This is my first complete Inktober. I fell behind a few days and caught up again and fell behind again… I finished on 10 November. But that’s okay! I wanted to see if I could finally do it and I did – and that’s reason to celebrate!

I’m not happy with every drawing and sometimes I really had to persuade myself to post it. But in between there are some drawing I really like and had a lot of fun exploring either a new pencil, ink, new shading or a new concept in general.


My favourites this year

Peep, peep!

I used watercolour paper to counter my difficulties with ink from last year and looked for a good reference image. For this drawing, I also had more time so I could really dive into that shading.


This little logo-like design was the complete opposite: I wanted to catch up and had to draw five drawings that day. As many artists, I also struggle with drawing hands – which makes me even happier to have just plunged myself into it and without much thinking about it. I might create a vector version of this one, because I like the simplicity about it, what do you think?

A girl and her feathery sidekick.

And this is my favourite from this year: I’m very interested in character design and would like to explore that topic further. Also, for another projects I’m drawing a lot of birds at the moment, so this was a perfect place to practice on wings (watch out for my blog post on this new project, I’m very excited about it!). The thick outline makes her really stand out, as I’ve learned before.

I’ve posted all my Inktober artwork on instagram and I’ve noticed that sometimes I put a lot of work into a drawing – and then it does not get a lot of likes. Or, on the other hand, I sketch something quickly and more people like it than I expected. So don’t pressure yourself on that (as I try too 🙂 ). But that might be another topic to explore!


To finish things up: Here’s my Inktober checklist

  1. Don’t stress yourself. This challenge is for you, alone.
  2. Decide on a topic early on – or follow the official prompts to make things easier.
  3. If you fall behind, see Step 1.
  4. Check out your material and make sure it does not hinder you.
  5. Instagram likes are not a representation of art quality.
  6. You won’t or have to produce a master piece every day.
  7. Have fun 🙂


Do you have anything to add to my little list? Have you participated in inktober already? Let me know!



7 thoughts on “Sometimes the world is black and white + Inktober Checklist!

    1. Hey Divya, glad you like it! The new list will be published some time in September by the official inktober account, for example on instagram. Or even better you can follow me on instagram and I’ll share the list when it’s up so you won’t miss it 🙂 Have a nice day!

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